Green fills the Earth here in Scandinavia again

Dear Friend :
I am writing this in a little house in the countryside in Southern Finland. The birds around the house are chirping like never before. I have seen many "immigrants", actually summer quests, coming from the south: the bold cranes, flying above the house, quite near. They are so majestic in their fine aerodynamic group. So many new little flowers are rising from the ground, like friendly competing with each others.

I am reading again a great novel. I hope you find the pleasure of reading good literature too.
I have been playing tennis with my sons and grandchildren: so nice ! And badminton, without any net on the yard, just for fun.

I wish you, Dear friend, a fine May ! However little your message, I'd like it.
And it inspires me, if you subscribe my CD's !

Thank you !

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