Fair Sports and Fair Life - Reilua urheilua ja reilua elämää

Sports is a natural way for us humans to enjoy life, to compete and play. The most important thing is that it should be fair. We sincere lovers of fair play find it great that the World Championship ice hockey final yesterday went fairly. I hope that you, my Friend, find such fairness and respect where ever you'll go, work and stay.

I just heard here at the Finnish television that the French commentators had said: "The Finnish ice hockey team presented sport as the most beautiful way".

Here in Europe, in a country that is a part of the Europe Union, the feeling of our common world and a clear will to take care of things together, with respect towards the Globe and its Great Nature, that feeling was showing a clear and vivid strength at the Europe Union elections. And in many other countries too. That is very important !

Let's work together to enjoy the richness of Nature with a fair spirit between us all: between us humans in all countries and all creatures of the Great Nature !


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