Too much noise from engines ! Liikaa konemelua !

Dear Friend :

In the world of today, we have to hear n o i s e everywhere. Mechanical noise. Noise from airplanes, cars, tractors, motor bikes. All kind of noise. I don't like is - a mild expression. I am trying daily to find ways to diminish noise in my surroundings. Although I live in the country - not in a city - there is a lot of noise of cars and tractors near my cottage.

Noise makes me nervous. I cannot concentrate. I am not the only one ! Many others suffer from it too. What about all the animals !

What is your opinion about noise and your reaction to it ? How do you protect yourself against noise ? How can we diminish noise in the world ?

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Hei Ystävä :

Liikaa melua siis joka puolella. Ei hyvä. Meidän täytyy toimia, jotta maailma olisi rauhallisempi, myös tässä mielessä.




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