To Study, to Play Piano and to Like Tennis

Hi Friends: I hope you enjoy my sites and like my music and arts. 

I am working these days with my university musicology study (Åbo Academy University in Turku) that focuses on  some Finnish folk songs and schlagers.

Meanwhile I play my Hellas-piano. 

Now and then I  relax and watch tennis in tv. My great idol is Roger Federer. I just looked at Indian Wells ATP tournament.  Earlier I liked to see Robin Söderling from Sweden to play but he has disappeared from the courts. From the Finns I often watch Jarkko Nieminen play. Unfortunately he has not always had any great success.  From the young Finns I have liked the way Henri Kontinen plays. I hope he recovers from his overtraining problems.

When the summer comes I'll take my own racket too and meet some friends on the court.

I hope you enjoy tennis too ?


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