Personal methods to diminish pianist's hand problems (3) : Massage of thumb and fingers

Personal methods to diminish pianist's hands problems (3): Two fingers squeezing massage and thumb root kneading. Photos from the daily hand massage procedure. I am used to squeese many times a day all the fingers of my both hands. Successively second & third, third & fourth and fourth & fifth fingers; and to knead the often easily paining thumb root muscles. This kind of massage, which I began to perform daily ten years ago, keeps my hand muscles in good condition. I think that it activates the blood circulation and other essential fluid circulation in the hand and nerve function in thumb and fingers 2-5. Kneading of the strong muscles at the thumb root is very important. You can certainly feel how sore they can be when you do the massage for the first time.

I shall prepare a video of this item in near future. 

 I am glad about your constructive comments !  

Antti S Hernesniemi 

 DrMedSci Composer-pianist Musicology master-line student 

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