On Vacation - Lomalla

Hei Ystävät :  Hienoa ja lämmintä. Kaikenlaista mitä kesä tuo - niinku tiiätte.

Hieno ilma tuntuu sanovan : Ollaan ystävällisiä toisillemme.

Hi Friends : Fine weathers here in Finland. Not too much water floating on the roads like in Middle Europa. Too bad.

Many kind of interesting things that summer brings.

Greetings from Naantali Music Festival. We had a fine seminar arranged by the Finnish Musicians' Medicine Association. Besides some fine lectures I told some things about my ideas concerning pianist's hand training too. Please see my new video nr four (Dr. Antti Hernesniemi YouTube). Radio Jango plays my music too.

Fine summer weather seems to say :  Let us all be friends.  

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