For sale ! Myytävänä ! "Bachette" and "Symphony nr 68001" !

This single album "Compositions 2 - Sävellyksiä 2" is the second in Composer-pianist Antti Samuli Hernesniemi's series Compositions - Sävellyksiä. The first Cd is "Compositions 1 - Sävellyksiä 1" which you can already buy at Fuga Oy /Helsinki/, Arkiv Music and CD Baby.

I have composed and played the music for this Cd single in 2002-2004. I decided to publish them now as a Cd single because they are quite individual. "Bachette" cheers you up - the scat singers Isot & Pikkulinnut - Tall & Littlebirds - do their best - and that is not little !

Mr Mehtän-Könönen Phones - yes, what should I say about them ? I have known these guys - coming straight from the green-green Finnish woods - many a year. Wonderful musicians ! They always surprise me with their creativity and - yes, their endurance.. in what ?

                                       Listen to their New Symphony nr 68001 !
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