Dear Friends : It is Thursday, 28th of June

Dear Friends :

Thank you for your interest ! 

Today, on Thursday ,28th of June, it is a very nice and warm summer day here in the country in Southern Finland, 60 km to west from Helsinki. The tiny peeping of new birds can be heard near the forest. On the sky I see a clear blue plus some few sailing clouds. The butterflies and bees, and all the flies, and mosquitoes of course, are doing their best. The gentle summer breeze sweeps you when you walk on the yard. I enjoy this weather and the nature in it all forms. I wish you do the same.

The concrete things: How to be able to create new music ? I would be glad if you, dear friends, would, besides listening to my music, b u y it too. You know, It is impossible for me or anyone, to create new music w i t h o u t income.

I wish you a fine day !


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