Composing Pianist, Artist and Scholar in Medicine - Little Presentation

I am a Finnish composing pianist and scholar and general practitioner in medicine. I made a carrier change in 2002 and have since studied musicology, theatre and dance at University of Helsinki and since 2010 full-time musicology at Åbo Academy University in Turku, Finland. I have played piano since 1960, composed hundreds of small pieces, many of them for piano. My newest compositions are on the Cd records "Compositions 1 - Sävellyksiä 1" and on the new Cd single "Compositions 2 - Sävellyksiä 2". It comes next week, December 2012.

I have made art, drawings and sculptures, since 1972. I have presented my works at ten exhibitions in Helsinki, Tuusula, Korsnäs and Kannus in 2003-2008. My choreographic play, "nouseva muoto" - "ascending form" is a work about a sculptor at the sea. I have presented it eight times in 2006-2008.

Concerning medicine, I was graduated medicine licentiate at the Medical Faculty of Helsinki University in 1978 and have since been a general practitioner working with all kind of patients and especially, what concerns people with bone, joint and muscle ailments - so-called "musculo-skeletal" problems - I have been a medical scholar since 1981 and made my medical thesis on bone and joint treatments by Finnish traditional healers, bonesetters in Ostrobothnia,Finland, at the Medical Faculty at the University of Oulu in 1999. I have written numerous articles on bonesetters in Finland.

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