Fine to see you here ! I am still learning to work with this thing. // Hauskaa että käyt täällä ! Opettelen vielä tämän käyttöä.

December was different earlier / Joulukuu - ennen erilainen 

In my childhood in 1950' and 60's, and later, still in 70's and 80's, we had a real winter around us in December; snow and minus degrees in Southern Finland, too. Now it is different. Grey, dark brown wet dead leaves fill the ground on the yard and they make the head color in the little forest near my home. It makes you feel down. Climate, climate - it is changed. Our culture has had that bad influence on the nature. What to do ? We must stop, think, and join to make decisions which help the nature to

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Most visitors from these countries - thank you ! 

1 Czech

2 Finland

3 Sweden

Russian Federation






United States







We need more solidarity and peaceful negotiations ! Kohtuutta, solidaarisuutta, empatiaa maailmaan ! 

Dear Friend :

It is fine to know that someone, somewhere, chooses one of my compositions to his/her ears ! You can buy my CD's eg. at MSR Classics !

Now it is autumn here in Northern Europe, Southern Finland. Grey, brown colors paint the places here around. Rain, or dizzy air fills the surroundings. There was some snow already but it has disappeared. I like snow. It "enlightens" the winter days.

I play a lot at my grand piano my compositions, again and again. Sometimes make changes or add something new to

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Too much noise from engines ! Liikaa konemelua ! 

Dear Friend :

In the world of today, we have to hear n o i s e everywhere. Mechanical noise. Noise from airplanes, cars, tractors, motor bikes. All kind of noise. I don't like is - a mild expression. I am trying daily to find ways to diminish noise in my surroundings. Although I live in the country - not in a city - there is a lot of noise of cars and tractors near my cottage.

Noise makes me nervous. I cannot concentrate. I am not the only one ! Many others suffer from it too. What about all the animals !

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You bring them to us 

Autumn, you bring them to us

mushrooms and cranes

you wear brown, red and yellow

friend of wind and rain

surprise with colors

may it rain or storm

what a sudden outfit

look at the leaves of trees

you, smith of rainbow 

smith of light

Pianist Composes New Class(ical)

Dr. Antti Samuli Hernesniemi in YouTube and CDBaby

Take Care of Your Hands

"Take Care of Your Hands, Pianist! My video about good hand and arm training for pianists. Click here to watch